BLT Advantage provides programs designed to help schools, youth groups, churches, & non-profit organizations raise funds with no out-of-pocket costs.BLT Advantage happily provides everything needed to ensure working with their programs will result in successful fundraising for your organization year-after-year.
BLT Advantage also offers generous rewards program to schools and non-profit organizations that bring businesses into their programs.

What is the cost to Schools & Non-profits?

Nothing other than a little time!  BLT will happily supply everything needed as well as the associated literature at no cost.

What will Schools & Non-profits need to do to raise funds?
Only three things are needed:

1. The information about the BLT programs needs to be distributed to their supporters.
2. The supporters need to visit the BLT websites.
3. The supporters should be reminded about the fundraising aspect of BLT Advantage program usage.
For more information about no cost fundraising opportunities visit: