$100.00 Salem Computer Doctor Certificate good for one hour of service, only $75.00.

$100.00 $75.00

Salem Computer Doctor
We come to you, free pick-up and delivery.
Salem, OR  
Phone: 503-931-6007
Can’t take the time to leave work
to bring your computer in to a computer shop? 
Our fast-paced lives, fear of plugging everything back in when you get it home, or fill in the blank… tends to make many of us push the pause button on getting our computer or laptop fixed.
That’s where we come in.  The Salem Computer Doctor focuses on making it easy for the busy professional or home user who would rather not waste drive time in the middle of their day, and just have the Computer Doctor come to them, instead.
So if you have a tired, sick, broken or virus infected computer, call the Salem Computer Doctor;
The Doctor that still makes house calls.”


  • Computer/Network Support: Like your own IT Department, you call, we come fix the problem that is keeping you from getting your work done.

  • Laptop/Desktop Computer Repair: Do you have a computer/laptop that is broken, sick or just needs a little help to make it feel better?  The ‘Doctor’ can save you time and money by making a “House-Call” to your home or business.  No more waiting in lines, fighting traffic or taking time off work:  We come to you to diagnose and fix at your location or pick the patient up and drop it back off when the patient is healthy again.

  • WiFi & Networks: For your home or office, we design, install, troubleshoot and repair wireless and wired networks, and network devices.

  • Data Recovery: Very affordable data recovery.  Let us recover the valued pictures, documents, emails or whatever you didn’t get off your old computer before it died or stopped booting up.

  • Virus Removal: Whether you get hacked, opened an infected email or just went to the wrong website matters not.  We are professional and very efficient.   We can get you back up and running in no time at all.

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